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Shiane Wellness was launched to support the renowned work of Edgar Cayce in improving wellbeing and reducing pain. Our range of castor oil based products have been carefully crafted to offer a high level of convenience and affordability while working effectively to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and eliminate toxins in the body.

Our Founder and CEO, Di Butterworth is an experienced advocate of the work of Cayce and holds a variety of a holistic healthcare qualifications including Certificate IV in Kinesiology and Certificate II in Hypnotherapy. She believes in using natural, plant based remedies and alternative therapies to improve the well being of both the body and the mind.

Our values as a responsible, environmentally sensitive organisation include:


We value responsibility and accountability


We value care and protection


We value honesty and integrity

[Environmentally conscious]

We are environmentally conscious

A Note From Our Founder

After reading the work of Edgar Cayce, I became passionate about helping people to reduce their pain and discomfort with the use of castor oil. I found the existing DIY products on the market to be too difficult and messy to use however, so I set about researching and designing a product that would be easy to use and yet at least as effective as the original.

I am proud that the unique designs I have created are delivering so much relief to my customers! Every time someone tells me that they slept like a baby without pain or moved freely for the first time in years, I am delighted!

My goal is to relieve pain and improve the well being of as many people around the world as possible, continually researching and developing new, natural oil-based products to treat an extended range of ailments and conditions. If you’ve tried my remedies and have found they work for you, please Like my Facebook page and stay in touch for news about new products as they are released to market!

Warmest wishes,

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Our Product Range Includes:

All our products are developed in conjunction with Logikal Health Pty Ltd and thoroughly tested and trialled prior to release. Our products are unique in their design and several are patented.

Where do we supply?

We are currently able to supply our products within Australia, Asia and the USA. Please refer to our shopping cart for the costs of delivery to each region of the world.

Person stretching before run


I regularly suffer from back pain as I work in catering and need to carry heavy boxes. The pain can last for days or weeks once it gets hold but after using the Shiane Castor Oil Heat Belt for just two hours, my pain literally disappeared. Not only that, it stayed away for weeks until I sustained another injury.

Tim, Central Coast

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