Renai - Central Coast

Overall I found the heated castor oil band really comforting. I used it twice a day, in the mornings and in the evenings for my c-section scar. I actually looked forward to using the band as the heat gave me instant relief. I noticed a difference in healing time from my first c-section to this one, this time around was considerably shorter! I even noticed less of a burn from my scar and was able to move around a lot more without the band only after the first week of using it! If I ever have another baby (which is highly unlikely 😉) I would 100% want to use the band again!

Ryan Kendell

I am a 23 year old male and thought I would give Shiane Heated Castor Oil Pack a chance to relieve the lower back pain that I suffer.

I used the waist belt and I was surprised how effective it was. I used it for three days the first week, and three days in the second week. I was actually looking forward to getting home from work to put the Castor oil Pack on as it relieved my pain. The product was easy to use, heated well and provided the benefit I needed. The pain has not returned. Thank you Shiane Castor Oil Packs.


Shiane Wellness has created a unique, convenient, and all-natural product.

The Castor Oil Reusable Heat Belt provides instant, and long lasting relief for my chronic back pain.

So easy to use, my elderly mother also enjoys the benefits of this remarkable product.

Increased mobility and flexibility, as well as better quality sleep.

Castor Oil has been used throughout the ages as a healing agent.

Very effective. We love it! Thanks Shiane! 🙂

Tim - Central Coast

I regularly suffer from back pain as I work in catering and need to carry heavy boxes.

The pain can last for days or weeks once it gets hold but after using the Shiane Castor Oil Heat Belt for just two hours, my pain literally disappeared. Not only that, it stayed away for weeks until I sustained another injury.

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