Neck and Shoulder Pack

Introductory Price: $44.95

Delivers three treatments and contains:

Triple layered organic undyed unbleached cotton flannel infused with organic cold pressed castor oil
3 heat patches | 1 x 10 pack towelettes

How To Use

Open pre-soaked castor oil flannel package
Open heat patch
Adhere flannel to heat patch
Apply to skin with flannel facing the skin.

Do not use:
  1. On children 12 years and under, persons unable to remove the pack on their own or if pregnant or menstruating
  2. Heat patch over an area with the presence of redness, broken/bruised or irritated skin
  3. On the same area for more than 8 hours in a 24-hour period
  4. Or bring heat patch in contact with water or other liquids
  5. Patch if it is damaged.

Product may cause skin irritation, burns or blistering. Discontinue use of this product if you experience discomfort, skin sensitivity or burning sensation

Castor Oil stains fabric – keep flannel away from clothing and soft furnishings

Consult your doctor prior to use if you are diabetic, have poor circulation, nerve damage, a skin condition or are allergic to sticking plasters.

Image of Neck and Shoulder Pack
Person stretching before run


Shiane Wellness has created a unique, convenient, and all-natural product. The Heated Caster Oil Pack provides instant, and long lasting relief for my chronic back pain. So easy to use. My elderly mother also enjoys the benefits of this remarkable product. Increased mobility and flexibility, as well as better quality sleep.


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