Is Sitting At Your Computer Causing You Back Pain?

How many hours a day to do you sit at your computer? If, like the majority of us, you are sitting at your computer for 8 hours per working day, this equates to 40 hours a week, which equates to approximately 2,000 hours per year! You may be doing your back some serious damage. Back pain is the most common work-related injury but there are ways to prevent it (if it’s not already too late).

Please consider the following:

  1. YOUR CHAIR: A good ergonomic chair is a worthy investment, one which is designed to support your spine and neck.
  2. YOUR POSTURE: Check in regularly to ensure you are not bending forward and your feet are firmly on the ground or on an elevated step.
  3. POSITION OUR COMPUTER: Ensure your computer is set to the height of your eyesight to avoid bending your head too low.
  4. TAKE A BREAK: Taking regular breaks not only helps to keep your body moving so it’s not stuck in the same position all day but it also good for your mental health to take some time out every so often.

If the damage is done (and unfortunately this is the case for many), seek help from your doctor. There are also many natural remedies which may alleviate back pain.

Castor Oil Belt Packs designed by Shiane Wellness are tailored specifically to target your back, relieve pain and tension and assist in the healing process - AND they can be worn while you work. Our Castor Oil products are trialled and tested, mess free and easy to apply.

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